Preamp Section:

Power Amp Section:



30w Prototype 1x12 Combo

Custom made prototype 30w 1x12 combo with reverb.

-Separate PRE- and POWER amp sections.

-Top Boost Tone Circuit on control panel.

-GREAT sounding three knob spring reverb on control panel.

-3x ECC-83 in the PRE-amp, 1x in the reverb, 4x EL-84 in the POWER amp, GZ-34 valve rectification.

-Celestion Cream 100w Alnico speaker.

-Presence and “Thump” Control on back panel.

-Leather handles.

The amp sounds like a real healthy original AC-30 with everything turned off or turned down except the VOL. and TONE. It can get as high gain as  any of the highest gain modern amps with it's extra gain stages and  boost control cranked up and pulled out.

The cab’s wood is African Mahogany that looked like Black Limba to me but called African Mahogany by both Owl Hardwood in Des Plaines, IL USA and Aidan O’Toole, the cab maker. Curly maple front picture frame, reminiscent of the CMI 1070, also sourced from Owl Hardwood. Cabinet created and signed by  Aidan (The Big Fella) O’Toole of Co. Cork.

Sounds FANTASTIC from CLEAN to over the top gain/distortion. Vintage to insane. BEAUTIFUL electronics work.

Sounds absolutely amazing. Looks GREAT. Weighs a ton.

A  BEAUTIFUL  looking and sounding amp.

I wanted to start my own custom amp company. This is one of two prototypes, the 30w. The other is a 45w with some other/different features. .I'd like to think, one day, these two prototypes will become desirable, fought over collectibles. They do sound AWESOME  today. It cost me a total of $4800 to have an electronics engineer build the two chassis for each amp to my specifications and have the custom made cab made, plus Celestion Cream Alnico speaker. AS NEW CONDITION and a FANTASTIC amp.




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