45w Prototype with FX Loop:

Separate PRE- and POWER amp sections.

Treble/Middle/Bass Tone Circuit on control panel.

Three knob FX Loop on control panel.

3x ECC-83 in the PRE-amp, 2x KT-66 in the POWER amp, GZ-34 valve rectification.

Celestion Cream 100w Alnico speaker.

Rotary Presence and THUMPā€¯ Controls on back panel that acts like the Loudness€¯ control on an old stereo adding bass and, well, thump to your sound.

Leather handles.

This amp, with everything turned off or turned down except the VOL. and TONE, sounds like THE  best original JTM-45 ever. It can get as high gain as any modern high gain amp with the extra gain stages and boost cranked up and pulled out.
The cab’s wood is Northern California Redwood Heart, sourced from  Barry’s Mill in Cazadero, CA with a curly maple front picture frame. Cabinet created and signed by Aidan (The Big Fella) O’Toole of Co.  Cork, Ireland.
Sounds like God speaking from CLEAN to over the top gain/distortion. Vintage to insane. BEAUTIFUL electronics work if I may  say so.
BEAUTIFUL looking and sounding amp.
Did I mention, with  everything turned down or off, except the VOL. and TONE controls that  this amp sounds like the BEST vintage/original JTM-45 EVER ?

45w Prototype 1x12 Combo