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Hylight amplifiers are the classic British handmade valve amplifiers tweaked and updated for the modern player and the vintage purist alike.

All Hylight amplifiers are completely hand-made in the UK and use 100% UK and European-made components exclusively.

A-OK Guitars is now concentrating exclusively on promoting and selling HYLIGHT ELECTRONICS products in the USA.

150 1x12 VE112F-C
150 2x12 VE212F or C
150 Custom 20 Combo VR20C-112F-C
150 Custom 20 Head VR20H
150 VR20H_VE112F_1
150 VR204C_112F_RGreen
150 VR504C_front_1_cropped
150 VR504H_back_1
150 VR504H_front_1_cropped_1
150 VR504H_VE212F_A60s

Custom 20 - VR20H

Custom SD - VR204H

Custom 50 - VR504H

Custom 20 Combo  VR20C-112F/C

Custom SD Combo VR204C-112F/C

Custom 50 2x12 Combo VR504C-212F/C

Back Panel Custom 50


Custom 50 with 2x12

Custom 20 with 1x12

1x12 Cab -VE112F/C

2x12 Cab - VE212F/C

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Made in Great Britain with PRIDE

Hylight is currently seeking new dealers for exclusive area dealerships.

Custom 20 VR20

Custom SD VR204

Custom 50 VR504

Speaker Cabinets

150 VR204H_front_1_cropped