I have some fantastic guitar and amps I’ve been trying to contact you about  via Infinitum Nihal and various other places and people. I’ve sent several e-mail messages to Gina, zip drives and CDs with pictures and descriptions to varios “homes”, studios and offices, etc. I don’t think anything has actually reached you, otherwise I know you’d have gone wild and called by now. This is some fantastic rock ‘n roll museum quality rarities that I refuse to shop around or just sell to anybody. For now, I’m just offering these things to you. I want them to go to someone, like you, that would use them and appreciate and enjoy them.

Ask Gina. If she doesn’t still have all the information and pictures, call me. We can discreetly, quietly and secretly talk and transact between us.

Lemme know.



My PRIVATE, direct mobile number is +1 (773) 484-8032 or private e-mail address: phil.triantos@aokguitars.com

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