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I’ve been collecting, dealing and trading vintage guitars and amplifiers since 1976, particularly electric guitars and Marshall amps, etc. I’m fairly well known in vintage circles in the US, the UK and Japan. A little on the Continent, but not much.

At this point in my career, which has slowed down considerably in the last few years, I’ve come to the point where I want to lighten my load and get some serious cash out of my personal stash. I acquired nearly everything in the early to mid-’80s, except for some of the newer, more recent pieces like the 2017 Mitch Colby PARK 45w combo and extension cab.

I would prefer to sell all of my personal stash to someone who would appreciate it, use it and love it as much as I have. I hate to part with ANY of it, so I’d like to see it go in one go.

Here’s what I have in this lot:



-Gibson Les Paul Junior, circa 1960. MINT-, 9.9+ unfaded condition. Fantastic condition. Fantastic neck. Fantastic sound and playability. CLEANEST example on Earth. Includes original Gator case + newer HSC.

-1966 Les Paul Custom special ordered in 1965, delivered in the Fall of 1966. All documentation was stolen at a photo shoot in August 1992. Pots date to 1966. LARGE ‘56 shaped one piece mahogany neck, one piece mahogany body, maple top, single cutaway, black finish, gold hardware, ebony fingerboard, all original including “Fretless Wonder” frets. Includes original case. Purportedly one of only three made in 1965/66. 9/10 condition.


-Kitchen-Marshall 1967 JTM-45 + matching 1966 Kitchen-Marshall Model #1972 2x12 with pinstripe grill and matching 20w pre-Rola Greenback speakers. Steel chassis, GZ-34. Head MINT-, 9.5+ condition. 2x12 cab. 8+ condition. ULTRA rare pair !!!

-Marshall JTM-45. Circa 1965 gold block logo, aliminium chassis, KT-66s, GZ-34. Near MINT.

-Marshall Model #1972 “Bluesbreaker” extension cab. Script logo, pinstripe grill, matching 20w pre- Rola Greenback Celestion speakers etc. 8+/10 condition.

-Marshall Model #1972 “Bluesbreaker” extension cab. Script logo, pinstripe grill, matching 20w pre- Rola Greenback Celestion speakers etc. 8+/10 condition.

Yes, I have THREE Model #1972 “Bluesbreaker” extension cabs. One Kitchen-Marshall and two script logo from the Fall of 1966. Matching speakers sets are dated Sept. 1966, Oct. 1966 and Nov. 1966 in each. I’ve owned all of these Marshall pieces, heads and cabs., since the early to mid-1980s and know where they came from, they’re all 100% completely legit and not Yorkshire lash-ups, if you get my drift.

-CMI Model #1070 50w 2x12 combo. Circa early 1970s. Early example with hand-wired point-to-point circuit board. Rarest of all Bluesbreaker Combos. 8+/10 condition.

-PARK 45w 2x12 “Bluesbreaker Combo” Recent Mitch Colby production. KT-66s, GZ-34, NOS 60s electronic parts, white EC Collins repro PARK-style pinstripe grill cloth. RED tolex. THE WORKS. Choice of Celestions.  As new. A masterpiece. A truly fine amplifier.


-JMI ToneBender Wooden PROTOTYPE. NOS. New, unsold reissue of the very first Tonebender as used by Jeff Beck in The Yardbirds. NOS Germanium transistors. Steve Giles era.

-JMI ToneBender Professional MKl - MICK RONSON Commemorative Box Set. #2 of 250. NOS. New, unsold, circa 2009-2010. All original. NOS Germanium transistors. Steve Giles era.

-JMI ToneBender Professional MKl. NOS, new, unsold. NOS Germanium transistors. Steve Giles era, circa 2009.

-JMI Burns Buzzaround. NOS Reissue of the Burns Buzzaround with NOS Germanium transistors. #9 of possibly 250, probably less. “21st Century Schizoid Mad”, NAILS it. Circa 2009.

-JMI Rangemaster. Reissue of the Dallas Rangemaster with NOS Germanium transistors. Circa 2009. Steve Giles era. First run, early production.

-VOX Wah Model #V846. Circa mid-1960s. Next model after Clyde McCoy. “Stack of Dimes” inductor, etc. All original, sounds fantastic, 8++/10 condition. Very vocal.

                             ALL of the above are the last of my personal stash. $150K. Firm.

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e-mail: info@aokguitars.com