-1967 Kitchen-Marshall JTM-45 Head with matching 1966 Kitchen-Marshall Model 1972 2x12 “Bluesbreaker” extention cab .

-Early 1970s CMI Model 1070 50w 2x12 combo. RARE “Bluesbreaker” variant. Early hand-wired circuit and black levant covering, instead of the less rare printed circuit board and blue levant covered version.

-Early 1970s Burman “Prototype” 100w 2x12 combo.

-2017 PARK 45w 2x12 combo with matching 2x12 extention cab. Red levant, E.C. Collins white Park grill cloth, NOS electronics, 2x KT-66, 3x ECC-83, 1x GZ-34. Hand-built by Mitch Colby, world famous amp guru.